Information Systems Modeling

Written test results 2018



Lecture 01 ISM-TK-lectures01-2018.pdf
Lecture 02 ISM-TK-lectures02-2018.pdf
Lecture 03 ISM-TK-lectures03-2018.pdf
Lecture 04 ISM-TK-lectures04-2018.pdf
Lecture 05 ISM-TK-lectures05-2018.pdf
Lecture 06 was about consuming REST endpoints by AngularJS scripts (see
Lecture 07 ISM-TK-lectures07-2018.pdf
Lecture 08 was about web services build using bottom-up and top-down approaches
Lecture 09 ISM-TK-lectures09-2018.pdf
Lecture 10 was about RDF and assisting technologies (with references to some software tools as TopBraid Composer, Protege among the others). LOD principles were highlited with remarks on derefencying. See:
Lecture 11 was about OWL and assisting technologies. See:
Lecture 12 was about various semantic vocabularies, their use cases and SPARQL language and endpoints. Thus some remarks on semantic vocabularies and semantic annotations in HTML documents were given. See: The example of SPARQL endpoint was discussed together with SPARQL query language principles. See: Lecture 14 was continuation on SPARQL language features. An example of existing europeana portal was discussed, especially that part which implements semantic web technologies (highlited with the use of RDFa / Play service). At the end some references to UDDI were provided (see jUDDI).


ISM-2018-lab03.txt, supporting examples:
ISM-2018-lab04.txt, supporting examples:
ISM-2018-lab05.txt, supporting examples:
ISM-2018-lab06.txt, references:
ISM-2018-lab07.txt supporting examples:

Old materials and code samples




Modeling requirements with SysML

Design patterns

Design Patterns in Java Tutorial
Java design patterns (source code on git)
Java Design Patterns - Example Tutorial
Core Java Design Patterns
GoF Design Patterns Using Java (Part 1)
Serialization with singleton design pattern (answers on stackoverflow)
Examples of GoF Design Patterns in Java's core libraries (anwers on stackoverflow)
Gang Of Four Design Patterns (app)
Java Design Patterns At a Glance


STS download

Tutorial: Building REST services with Spring
(for your )
Spring Java based configuration
Spring annotation based configuration


AspectJ cheat scheet
AspectJ and AOP - the black magic of programming
Spring AOP AspectJ annotation example with aspect-pointcut-before-after-around-afterreturning-afterthrowing-advice

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